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Industry 4.0

Today, we are in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0), characterized by the convergence of new technologies in the physical and digital spheres, including autonomous robots, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, cloud-based manufacturing, big data and analytics. The integration of these advanced technologies into the manufacturing ecosystem will transform factories into smarter, more nimble and responsive operations that drive productivity and economic transformation.

Singapore manufacturing companies are leveraging their advanced capabilities in these new technologies. Based on the roadmap articulated in the Precision Engineering Industry Transformation Map, Singapore companies will receive government support to build up innovation and intelligent manufacturing capabilities in their journey towards Industry 4.0, and build up niche capabilities to support high-technology industry clusters across the value-chain - from research and development, design, to high-tech manufacturing production and post-production services.

Bridging Industry 4.0 with “Made in China 2025”

In 2015, China launched its “Made in China 2025” industrial masterplan to transform the country into a manufacturing superpower known for good quality, innovation and high value-add. As the “Factory of the World”, this unprecedented industrial transformation would entail a massive transition towards the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies.

Leveraging Singapore’s manufacturing experience and track record in serving global high-technology manufacturers, Singapore companies are keen to work with Chinese manufacturers to create “smart factory” standards and solutions for the world.