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Ideal Launch Pad for Singapore Companies in China

  1. Landing platform for innovative enterprises
    Strategic location of CSGKC in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, an important manufacturing and industrial region in the world offers an ideal base of operations for innovative enterprises to connect with China’s manufacturers. CSGKC is served by a comprehensive transportation network with easy access to nearby cities, economic hubs and talent resources.
  2. Enhanced Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Services
    CSGKC has been chosen to implement the State Intellectual Property Protection and Services Comprehensive Pilot Reform Program. In CSGKC, SMIC companies enjoy enhanced intellectual property rights protection services, which in turn foster a healthy ecosystem for technology innovation and growth.
  3. Access to technology companies and partnership opportunities
    Operated by a full-service team, SMIC provides an active programme of seminars, workshops, trade shows and demonstrations that facilitates networking, business matching and partnerships between Chinese manufacturers and SMIC companies. Companies can enjoy regular outreach initiatives to explore partnership opportunities, market access and commercialization of new technology, products and services.
  4. Enterprise-centric, collaborative environment
    With CapitaLand’s strong track record in providing quality real estate solutions and quality facility management services, SMIC companies enjoy an open environment that facilitates interaction, exchange and collaboration, and a vibrant community carefully curated to form a healthy innovation ecosystem, as well as extensive service support that enables companies to focus on their core businesses.
  5. Full industrial value chain integration
    Focuses on the full industrial value-chain integration, covering product design, production plan, production engineering, production execution and services. With a clear understanding of industrial value-chain integration needs, SMIC facilitates mutual exchanges and collaboration between technology providers and Chinese manufacturers that optimizes benefits for investors, partners and companies.