SEMICON China held in Shanghai New International Expo Center

2018 Mar 13

SEMICON China held in Shanghai New International Expo Center

SEMICON China 2018, the world's largest and most prestigious international semiconductor exhibition, hosted by the International Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI) China Committee , was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on 14 to 16 March 2018.

SEMICON China, covering most of the major equipment and material manufacturers of the semiconductor industry in the world, has become one of the major events for the industry in China since the first Semicon held in Shanghai in 1988. SEMICON China has witnessed the vigorous growth and accelerating development history of China's semiconductor manufacturing industry, and it will certainly make big contributions to the stronggrowth of the industry in the future.

This year - Akribis, SESTO Robotics and KA, asmembers of the SMIC, have also joined the SEMICON exhibition.

Akribis in the Exhibition

Akribis Systems—— Manufacture motors, stages and precision systems that are used in equipment for manufacturing, inspection and testing. This includes linear servo coil motors, rotary motors, air beating stages, XYZ stages, voice coil motors, and more to support a wide range of industries including semiconductor, flat panel, date storage, photonics biomedical and electronics manufacturing.

SESTO Robotics——offers flexible, smart and efficient solutions for manufacturers to automate labour Intensive processes as they adapt to an Industry 4.0 paradigm. The Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) by SESTO Robotics are designed to world safety standards. Guided by a high-precision laser-based navigation system, the AGVs can operate in highly dynamic environments and do not require installations of any lines, strips or markers to the existing manufacturing environment.

KA Industrial Engineering Pte Ltd——as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cum System Integrator (SI) who design & build customized &/or standard equipment for the Factory Automation industry. KA provides a one-stop solution by incorporating all appropriate & necessary products &/or services to our clients. They are, namely:

  • Conceptual Design, Proposal & Quotation
  • Sourcing, Purchasing & Sales of Parts &/or Components
  • Mechanical & Electrical Design
  • Mechanical & Electrical Installation
  • Software/PLC Program Development, Testing & Debugging
  • Full Commissioning of Equipment In-house & On-site

SMIC team at Sesto Booth