Moving towards Globalisation with Precision

Akribis is translated to mean “Precision” in Latinised Greek. Akribis manufactures motors, stages, and precision systems that are used in equipment for manufacturing, inspection, and testing. This includes linear servo motors, rotary motors, air bearing stages, XYZ stages, voice coil motors, and more to support a wide range of industries including semiconductor, flat panel, data storage, photonics biomedical and electronics manufacturing. Today, they work with some of the top market leaders in the industry.

Customisation is the key to their success. In today’s manufacturing industry, companies believe in building and owning a product specially customised for their applications, and Akribis Systems fulfils that need. A testimony of Akribis Systems’ strong belief in constant innovation, their high-performance Torque motors are leagues ahead of the competition with the highest peak torque and speed rates. In addition to their core business, Akribis Systems is also venturing into stents in the US, with biotech expansion plans in the pipeline.

Akribis Systems is setting up a base in the Singapore Manufacturing Innovation Centre (SMIC). At Ascendas OneHub GKC in the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC), SMIC is a collaborative platform jointly created by IE Singapore and Ascendas-Singbridge where providers of advanced manufacturing solutions can partner with other like-minded innovative enterprises and co-create “smart factory” standards and solutions.

We speak to Kong Yong Min, Director of Akribis Systems to see what they hope to accomplish through SMIC.

What are the interesting technology innovations you’re working on at SMIC?
We currently have offices in Singapore, Shanghai, USA, Germany, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. Guangzhou is our next target for a sales and application office, and we are happy to be able to ride on this programme. Our core competency is in motion control. The latest innovation we are working on is related to sensor fusion in motion control.

What is the role of automation in the modern day business?
It’s a do or die type of situation that all countries will face as their economies mature.

What is the key to keeping up with rapid industry and technological changes?
Globalisation has presented a new era of challenges. It brings people and ideas together and ideas cause disruption. The only way to manage disruption is to be open-minded and move fast whenever any technology is being developed. You need to face competition once a product is launched. Collaborating with partners instead of developing everything yourself is one way to get the speed to launch products into the market, and at the same time reduce the risk of being irrelevant when disruption is encountered.

What do you hope to achieve in SMIC / Guangzhou?
We would like to establish a closer relationship with our customers.

What are the determining factors in choosing which location to base your company at?
The location of any office must be close to where the industry thrives, connects and collaborates.

The workspace of today has greatly evolved, from the cubicle setting to open-concept and co-working spaces. What will the ideal productive workspace be for your industry?
Workspace design tends to focus on the physical space. What drives innovation is passion. If you are passionate about what you do, the environment is not the most important for our industry. What is important for the employee is that the job must be challenging, forward-looking and rewarding.

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