Enabling Record-breaking Achievements in Energy Efficiency

In 2015, Lumileds Singapore (formerly known as Philips Lumileds) made history, becoming the first manufacturing plant in Singapore to achieve the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Platinum Award for Existing Building v. 3.0.The accomplishment was made possible by working with Barghest Building Performance (BBP),an energy efficiency technology provider focusing on the intelligent building space.

Leveraging their deep in-house expertise in Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems, BBP turned the building’s energy consumption around by optimising its chiller plant. BBP’s solution harnesses the power of Industry 4.0 technologies by installing meters, sensors and other cloud-based features that enabled more accurate and timely data collection, data analytics and precise control to automate processes and improve operations. As a result, Lumileds Singapore achieved a 27% improvement in the chiller plant’s efficiency and realised SGD 700,000 in annual energy savings, without replacing major equipment or disrupting operations.

BBP helps building owners operate their existing equipment better and achieve measurable energy savings over the long-term. BBP’s solution is paid through the savings it helped to achieve. To-date, its clients include Hewlett Packard (HP) Singapore and Globalfoundries in the manufacturing sector, district cooling plants to support industries, as well as Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS).

BBP is setting up a base in the Singapore Manufacturing Innovation Centre (SMIC). Located at Ascendas OneHub GKC in the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC), SMIC is a collaborative platform jointly created by IE Singapore and Ascendas-Singbridge where providers of advanced manufacturing solutions can partner with other like-minded innovative enterprises and co-create “smart factory” standards and solutions.

Here’s what Poyan Rajamand, CEO of BBP looks forward to achieve in this new venture.

What are the interesting technology innovations you’re working on at SMIC?
BBP is focusing on optimisation of Cooling and Refrigeration systems in the industry. In Singapore, data from the National Environment Agency shows that the Cooling and Refrigeration system is the second largest consumer of electricity in many industries. BBP’s solution adds a layer of intelligence to existing Cooling and Refrigeration systems, reducing their energy consumption by up to 40%.

What is the role of automation in the modern day business?
Automation, in its broadest term, is going from focusing on production to productivity. Creating a virtual factory increases productivity by reducing the need for re-work post installation. Sharing resources more effectively between departments and factories increases productivity by avoiding under-used assets. BBP is focusing on resource productivity and energy efficiency – the driver for us is not only the need to continuously deliver products and services at lower costs, but also by the increasing awareness of the environmental impact of manufacturing .

What is the key to keeping up with rapid industry and technological changes?
All industries must keep up with the emerging technologies. That said, focusing on technologies that improve existing processes and operation can lead to large short to medium term gains and prepare the organisation for the adaptation of larger changes in future. As an example, applying advanced analytics will be easier if organisation already have systems for accurate measurement and storage of data.

What do you hope to achieve in SMIC / Guangzhou?
We believe that locating our operations at SMIC is the best way to penetrate the industrial sector in China. It is located in a heavily industrial area with high energy tariffs. The support from Ascendas-Singbridge and IE Singapore in linking us up with new clients and partners, as well as the presence of other Singaporean companies, opens up the unique opportunity to create attractive solutions.

What are the determining factors on choosing which location to base your company at?
Proximity to our customers, availability of talent and presence of suppliers/collaboration partners are all considerations and SMIC offers a unique solution at this point of time.

The workspace of today has greatly evolved, from the cubicle setting to open-concept and co-working spaces. What will the ideal productive workspace be for your industry?
Business requirements are changing very fast. BBP has its roots in energy management but to deliver our solutions, we have had to build expertise and collaborate with other companies in areas such as wireless sensors, cloud based monitoring, advanced analytics and IT security. The need to build this expertise fast requires close collaboration with the right partners. As such, a productive workspace will allow for collaboration across sectors and industries to facilitate co-creation of solutions.

For more information, visit https://bbp.sg.