Corporate Profile

We are an integrated engineering solution provider principally focusing on motion control, industrial computing and other specialised engineering solutions. 2017 marks the 30th anniversary since the inception of our Group. Over the years under the helmsmanship of Mr. Teo who is our President, Managing Director and Controlling Shareholder with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree, we have developed from a local start-up supplier of servo motors to become a multi-national “one-stop-shop” engineering solution provider. Our success is primarily attributable to the relationship we have built with our suppliers all these years so that we are able to recommend and offer to our customers a variety of products as a solution to serve a wide range of engineering needs of our customers under one roof. In addition to our core motion control, industrial computing and other specialised engineering solutions businesses, we have diversified into renewable energy, primarily in developing hydropower plants in Indonesia and resource mining and trading.

Headquartered in Singapore, we operated through 66 subsidiaries with 65 sales offices all over the PRC, Hong Kong, Malaysia and a few other Asian countries and region including Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia as at 31 December 2017. In the PRC, we own an industrial base with a gross floor area of approximately 40,657 sq.m in an industrial park in 江蘇省蘇州吳江區 (Wujiang district, Suzhou, Jiangsu province)  where we manufacture a certain range of our products such as hinges and locks, precision gearboxes and other industrial hardware for our other specialised engineering  solutions  by  installing and assembling components and parts either manufactured or sourced. As at 31 December 2017, we had 809 employees, approximately 37% of whom were sales and engineering staff who are dedicated to working on solutions to satisfy our customers’ engineering needs in different offices.

Our Shares have been listed on the mainboard of the SGX-ST since 24 November 2005. Given the significance of our revenue source from the PRC together with Hong Kong, our Company successfully applied for a dual primary listing of our Shares on the SEHK as our Board considers that  the  Listing  is expected to attract investors from the region, which opens up another capital market for us and provides us with an excellent opportunity to further enhance our Group’s profile internationally. Our Shares began trading on the SEHK on 12 January 2017.


ISDN Holdings Limited is an engineering solutions company specialising in integrated  precision engineering and industrial computing solutions. The company offers a wide range of engineering services, mainly to customers who are manufacturers and original design manufacturers of products and equipment that have specialised requirements in precision controls. We provide the full spectrum of engineering services from conceptualisation, design & development to prototyping, production, sales & marketing and after sales engineering support. ISDN was listed on the Mainboard of the SGX-ST on 24 November 2005 and subsequently listed on the Main Board of SEHK on 12 January 2017.


To be the engineering solution provider of choice focused on delivering innovative and quality solutions of value to our customers and stake-holders.


To achieve our vision, we are committed to do the following:

• To be recognised as the leader in all the markets we serve.

• To continue to build enduring relationship of trust with our customers and partners.

• To be an employer of choice that inspires and rewards performance excellence.

• To generate value for shareholders through  measured growth strategies in earnings and distributions.


ISDN is a one-stop engineering solutions provider, with cutting-edge capabilities that enable it to deliver high-mix low volume solutions in precision motion control .They are also recognised as a dedicated and competent professional with motion control solution abilities in designing machines employing Robotic, advanced optics, servo motion controls and vision systems. Their core in-house developed products include gearboxes which have high accuracy, stiffness and torque density, as well as linear and rotary motors which can ensure no losses in energy, high dynamic response and repeatability.

Leveraging their partnerships with Maxonmotor Ag Switzerland, Harmonic Drives System Japan, Kuka Germany, Yaskawa Japan and Universal Robots Denmark, they are able to serve a multitude of industries including Aerospace, Medical, Textiles, Infocomm/Telcomm, Packaging, Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Semiconductor, Marine and Offshore.


Other than motion control solutions, they offer their expertise to provide engineering solutions tailored to our customers’ particular or specialised needs, including standard modular construction components for use in industrial automation systems, and hardware components such as industrial locks, fasteners, hinges as well as aluminium profiles and related accessories.


As part of a suite of our integrated engineering solutions, we formulate cost-efficient and effective industrial computing solutions and assemble various industrial computing hardware (i.e. industrial computers) and software (i.e. “Wonderware”) to satisfy our customers’ industrial computing needs.

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